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Why don't some professionals list an hourly rate?

Some service professionals choose to price jobs depending on the individual customer needs rather than by the hour. In your correspondence with the professional, ask him or her for a quote for your job.

How does Marketplace find its service professionals?

We reach out to high quality professionals who we believe our customers will want to use and ask them to join our community. Service professionals also recommend Marketplace to their peers, who come to us and request to join. As of spring 2012, more than 260,000 service professionals have joined the community.

What happens when I submit a request for service?

If you submit a request for service to a single service professional, we'll send your message directly to that professional. We encourage you to make your request public so that we can send it to additional qualified and eligible service professionals in your area. Once you submit a request, our team members review your job and match you with the professionals we believe are best able to meet your needs. The more information you give us, the better we're able to match you up. The service professionals will receive your information and reach out to you either by message on Marketplace or by phone.

Why is booking through Marketplace better than booking the old-fashioned way?

Besides being faster and easier, using Marketplace helps you get better quality of service. Once your job is completed, Marketplace will give you the opportunity to rate the service professional you selected. Service professionals thrive on getting good reviews because it makes future customers more likely to book them. When you book through Marketplace, service professionals have an extra incentive to go above and beyond to make sure that you're pleased with their work.

Are there ever fees for consumers?

Marketplace is free for consumers. There are never any fees for consumers to search our site, contact service professionals or book their appointments online. Simply pay the service professional for the job.