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Marketplace's goal is to help small, local businesses find new clients. Each month, hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout the United States come to Marketplace looking to find local service professionals.

Joining Marketplace gives you access to introductions to new clients as well as a page where you can describe your business, show photos and reviews. Signing up and maintaining your page on Marketplace is free. Marketplace charges a fee for introductions to new clients.

Marketplace customers have become long-term recurring clients for many of our service professionals and have introduced those service pros to countless colleagues and friends. For some of our service professionals, Marketplace is the primary way they acquire new customers.

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Community Standards

We want to keep Marketplace safe, friendly, and filled with the highest quality service providers. To do so we enforce very strict community standards. We personally review each post to assure that it meets these standards. Violating posts will be removed and violating posters may be permanently banned from the site.

No products

Marketplace specializes in services only. If you sell a product that is coupled with a service (e.g., party rentals including set up and take down) we would love to have you. However, we do not allow stand-alone products (e.g., personal products on a website).

No suspicious offers

Get-rich-quick schemes and anything else that sounds too good to be true.

No selling of third party services

Accountability is lost when the person receiving commission is not the one performing the service (salaried schedulers and assistants exempted). This includes pre-paid legal and multi-level marketing systems.

No time-sensitive posts

Your profile on Marketplace is permanent, so time-sensitive deals, events happening in your town, or seasonal services are not permitted. It is best to create a profile that applies year-round, and include time-sensitive information only in your profile's News Feed.

No lending services

While we would love to accommodate lending services, we don't currently have the necessary resources to filter out predatory lenders from trustworthy ones. Purchasing a financial product is an important and complex decision, and we don't want to offer services that are beyond our expertise.

Nothing sexual

Prostitution or anything overtly sexual is not allowed (including coded messages on massage posts).

No duplicate posts

Marketplace creates a permanent profile for your services, so there's no need to re-post every week. Attempting to better position yourself in search results by repeatedly posting similar content is not allowed.

No events or rental spaces for events

We welcome event planners, decorators, and caterers, but we do not allow listings of the events themselves - like New Year's Eve parties or professional conventions. We also don't allow users to post rental space for events, like party spaces or convention centers.

No hotels, B&Bs, or other lodging

There are many places online to find good lodging at night - we don't like to clutter our site with things that can be much more easily found elsewhere.

No minors

Unfortunately our lawyers tell us that we can't have people post on Marketplace who are under 18. So if you're under 18 and looking to do some babysitting - Marketplace probably isn't right for you. Sorry about that!

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. We'd love to talk with you personally about any of your concerns and how we can help to keep our community safe.